Visual storytelling made easy

Cross Culture connects stories, people and places. It combines visual storytelling with a user-friendly interface, interactive timeline and map. 


The Cross Culture can be deployed on a touchscreen as well as a desktop and mobile. It comes with a number of key features. We can add custom ones too!

Interactive map

Customised map to match your experience.  It could be a Viking village or the frontiers of the Roman Empire! 


The timeline lets you journey between two defined dates. The choice is yours. 


Add events to your timeline to highlight the key dates. They will appear on the map as you drag the slider. 


Markers on the map are called hotspots. They can be anything from ancient artefacts to historical events, locations, and people.


A selection of stories that relate to your chosen object, person, or moment in history. An eyewitness account or someone’s testimony to an extraordinary event. 


The Cross Culture Timeline allows you to connect people, places and stories. You can create connections based on themes and topics as well. 


Add images, video and audio to hotspots and stories to enrich the experience. Content is king 


You can add a 3D model to your hotspot directly from Sketchfab and view it in real-time.


You may require an extra feature to tell your story. A multi-language version. Or a map overlay with a route. We can do that as well. 


The look and feel of the Cross Culture can be customised to your requirements, including fonts, colours, maps and the interface. 

Content Management

The content is managed online by the Cross Culture Manager, an easy-to-use authoring tool. You can add, edit, and delete content directly in your browser, and your Cross Culture  will update in real-time.

Training & Support

Our team can walk you through the Cross Culture Timeline and Cross Culture Manager on-site or remotely. We also provide all our clients with a How-To-Guide. Our technical support team are always available to help.

Hosting & Storage

We take care of web hosting and storage, so you can focus on telling your story.

Who is using Cross Culture?

Let's see what stories can Cross Culture bring to life for your

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